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Random Encounters Table For Lurkers, Stalkers, Psychopaths, And Mid level Hoods For Your Old School Horror Games

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1d10 Lurkers, Stalkers, Psychopaths, And Mid level Hoods Random Encounter Table 

  1. This alchemististically modified hood is a 2nd level fighter whose been caught between planar realms. He's more then slightly insane and now stalks both men and women trying to gain help for his plight but his touch brings acidic death. Use stats for a shadow but with acid touch. During combat he will become more 'real'. Armed with a forty five and two clips. 
  2. This mid level mob enforcer (3rd level fighter) has the face of a grinning skull which he hides. On the weekends he stalks folks and kills them with an enchanted straight razor. Usually armed with a .38 special and speed loader set up. Most times he covers his face but then shows his true colors to victims. 
  3. This fem fatale Stalker moves from town to town killing victims with a vicious bite and blood drain. She's a vampire working for a cult gathering victims for her pagan god! She can however move around during daylight hours due to the intercession of her god. 2nd level cleric.
  4. This stalker passes himself off as a pool shark and moves from one small town to another gathering games and taking the souls of his victims. Likes the ladies and really targets boyfriends for a friendly game of chance for their souls. Serves rather nasty death goddess as a 3rd level cleric.
  5. This rabid psychopath moves from one grave yard to another looking to become one of the undead. Even their not comfortable with this straight razor, ax wielding animal. The monsters moves among the tombs like a shadow striking at his victims and taking their heads as trophies. 4th level fighter armed with an enchanted ax. 
  6. This mid level trouble shooter for the mob is looking for an accountant whose cooked the books for an infernal Copo. He's got this man's soul contract with em and this guy wants it back! He's armed with two enchanted +2 forty fives and clips. He's also got an attitude worse then the abyss. 5th level fighter
  7. This little number is part human and part shadow! A lurker who moves from one church to another stealing the valuables of the  worshipers after Sunday services. A 4th level thief and con artist. 
  8. This stalker passes himself off as a helpless bum but he's actually a holy kidnapper and gatherer for a cult of necromancers and  child killers. He's a nasty piece of work and uses cords on his victims. He's been exposed to the essence of his god and has an acidic touch for 1d4 points of damage. A 3rd level fighter armed with a short sword for close work. 
  9. This raving psychopath is on the lamb from a bounty hunter. He likes to kill during the full moon and is on his way to becoming a cleric of a lunatic moon goddess. Armed with two daggers this first level cleric hides during the day and kills at night. 
  10. This mid level mobster is armed with a sawed off shot gun and is slowly being possessed by a spawn of Cthulhu  He's willing to trade information about stolen loot for his life. The loot however has a curse of Cthulhu and is very dangerous. A quest for the loot might have to be mounted! 

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