Friday, May 31, 2013

Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign Sundown Edition

Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign
Sundown Campaign VHS Collector's Issue! 

So this weekend I've got a balls to the walls campaign to run. A take off on the horror,post apocalytic movies of the 70's and 80's. This is going to a fantasy adventure campaign inspired by my days behind the counter at the video store in Boston during the 90's. I'm a part of a very exclusive club of players called the "VHS Rewinders".
 In 1973 the world experienced a "Supernaturalpyse Event!" , the Veil between the worlds of the paranormal and the world as we know it were shattered!  The world was shattered into a thousand tiny micro city states. Chaos reigns all these years later during the blood soaked 80's! 

Zombies,Ghosts, psychotic cults, mass killings rage across the world as the Earth tries to recover! Barbarians  Thieves,Adventurers, and worse wander the wasteland trying put things right! 

 Please Press Play To Begin! 

The covers of each and every horror,science fiction, fantasy,VHS tape  always promised so much on the artwork but seldom delivered.  That changes now! The players will be choosing a wide array of PC classes based on the usual OD&D engine type with a difference!
I'll be using Crypts and Things as the engine! That's right I've used this game to run a wide variety of campaign types before! 

Cults of serpent men inhabit the cities, deranged psycho undead killers stalk the country side, and worse wander between the planes of existence! 
The Earth endured a supernatural holocaust. The "Others" have returned with a vengeance. Vampires & other supernaturals rule the night. Mankind is pushed the brink of extinction. Barbarians, thieves, & adventurers are taking back the night one piece at a time! 
The Rules horror movies apply! Anyone can die at any time! 

The Totally F#$%ed Up Encounter Table! 1d30 

  1. Radioactive Teenage Mutant Gang Members 1d8 3rd level fighters! 45% percent chance of mutation! 
  2. 1d6 Lovecraftian Imps 30% of spells 
  3. A gang of 1d10 vampire bikers! 10% chance of artifact among them. 
  4. 1d8 Deranged Psycho bikers armed with military style weapons 2 level fighters. 3 thieves among them. 
  5. 1d20 Gremlins with a 60% chance of a leader with double hit points 
  6. A possessed '59 Chevy  - Actually possessed by a pit fiend 
  7. 1d30 zombies contaminated by toxic waste 
  8. 1d30 sewer dwellers looking for lunch and easy targets. Armed with hatchets and claws 
  9. Psycho killer 40% chance of undead status 3rd level fighter. 
  10. Chain saw wielding zombie massacre survivor 7th level fighter and armed with +2 chain saw 
  11. 4 mutant martial artists of reptilian stock 5th level thieves 
  12. A possessed demon ridden survivor wandering the streets. Possessed by a nasty disease spirit. 
  13. 3 mutant biker warriors time travelers 4th level warriors.  Armed with shot guns and animated sex toys of plastic variety 
  14. Ax wielding maniac comes screaming at your party. 2nd level fighter armed with a +1 ax 
  15. Lovecraftian slime horror double hit poi
  16. Wounded bio mechanical horror looking to impregnate a host for its young before dying 
  17. Psycho killer dream prince invades your dreams and begins killing the party ten little Indians style 
  18. A gang of desperate martial artist monks seeks the "Master"  and the "glow" 
  19. 1d4 strange mutant children seeks their babysitter. One wears a "Thor" helmet and carries a war hammer.
  20. A pack of savage wolfoids hunts the party to drag them off to their city lairs and eat them. Use stats for Wargs 
  21. A dispossessed werewolf naked and alone seeks to end his curse. He is accompanied by the ghost of his best friend who urges him to end it all. 
  22. A group of loony adventurer children seeks pirate treasure while  pursued by a gang of desperate criminals.
  23. A pack of flying saucers appears and begins blasting at the party. 1d4 damage as the incredible blaster fire melts any metal it hits. 
  24. A group of four merc. fighters in a black van with a red stripe pulls up to the party to ask directions. 7th level fighters. 
  25. A group of cyborg 1d4 warriors begins hunting the party. 
  26. A scantily clad woman construct with magical powers encounters the party. She seems almost god like. 
  27. A hearse driven by a lich undertaker carrying a silver sphere tries to run down the party. 50% chance of black magic spells. Has 1d4 zombie warriors with him. 
  28. A muscle bound mutant warrior 10th level riding a Zunder Cat bounds up to the party asking for their help! 
  29. A pair of dispossessed ghosts seeks an exorcist for the living! 
  30. An Avatar of Michael Jackson appears! 

More coming soon! 


  1. Wow. I'm

    "Supernaturalypse" is an awesome concept. Looking forward to this!

  2. Man. I gotta get a copy of Crypts & Things.

  3. I'm glad you like the concept of the "Supernaturalypse" Tim! I'm doing a ton of prep work right now for this game on Sunday!

    Digital Orc, there are quite a few folks who don't get the awesome that is Crypts and Things. The game has spoken to me since it first came out! I'm all about the awesome 70's and 80's Sword And Sorcery, Sci fi, and Fantasy movies. For me with a bit of help this game emulates them perfectly!