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DIY Grind House Torg Setting Take Five - Actual Play - The First Game

This campaign idea went from being a thought exercise into a full blown game tonight after three of my friend Larry's players came down with colds. Their regular Grey Hawk campaign which has been running for twenty seven years is at a critical juncture. So without these players something else was needed to take their place.
 The DIY Grind House Torg Setting became that adventure tonight. I changed the material extensively because apparently there are a number of players who read this blog. For the former Grind House Torg stuff go Here
We used Swords And Wizardry for the back system for this game. 

Here are the changes to the realms. Much of the realms are now my own creation drawn through the filter of public domain grind house movies

  1. Europe - Wasteland ruins ruled over by Nazi warlords and wizards. Some pockets of weird technology created by said wizards. OD&D monsters and mutants roam through through this landscape. 
  2. Greenland and Iceland  - Realm of Dark Elven warriors/wizards among the volcanoes and green rolling hills. Drawn from Scandinavian mythology and cheesy fantasy movies. 
  3. The UK - The Machine Realms - Weird Lovecraftian cybernetic technology 
  4. USSR - The Yonya Realms - Barbarian warlords,wizards, green skin humanoid tribes all drawn from "The Prisoners of The Lost Universe" 
  5. Canada - The Inner Earth Invades Realm - Paleo terror tears through the ruins of Canadian cities while Sasquatch mutants roam the wilderness. Some pockets of high inner Earth tech! 
  6. United States -  A. East Coast - This Is Lovecraft country  - This is the pulp realm of New England. B. The West Coast -  A "Road Nomads style world" think 80's television like Airwolf, The Highway man, etc. with lots of Post Apocalyptic goodness! 
  7. Mexico and South America - Lovecraftian Technological Nightmare realms - Forbidden gods, weird cults, and mythological nightmares 
  8. China and India - Zombie Realms - Filled with Dark Magic, forbidden rites, and ancient wizards! This realm of zombie horror is one of the most dangerous. 
  9. Australia - Dinoverse - A world where the dinosaurs evolved into humanoid forms. 80's and 90's technology with humanoid dinosaurs and awesomeness 
  10. Japan and Indonesia - The Ancient Space Gods Return Realm - Where the ancient gods of space and time have returned to terrorize mankind! The rule of the saucer has begun 
  11. Africa- The Realms of Interzone - The Realms of Naked Lunch and Pulp Africa 
  12. Antarctica  - The "At The Mountains of Madness" Realms - Lovecraftian masters return to claim what is rightfully theirs. 
  13. Glanauaethan - The Fallen Utopia - A realm of shattered high technology and decadence, this reality of survivors, mutant tribes, androids, and former space travelers  are strangers in a strange land. Drawn from countless PD science fictional movies . This group of rag tag survivors has come from an alternative Earth where a cosmic plague has ravaged most of humanity. This group of time traveling refugees uses its know of a possible future to recruit adventurers from across the realms to advance its own mysterious and some would say twisted agenda. 

The ruins of Europe 

The Player Characters Party 

  1. Jason's 5th level Cleric - Pun'ra African Witch Doctor And History Professor  From Africa 
  2. Terry's 6th level Wizard - Tarsha Zombie Master From The Far East And Yor Zombie Bodyguard 
  3. Tom's 7th level Fighter - Jason Harrison And Pete - Telepathic Fighter and Intelligent Dire Wolf Companion From The Ruined South Western United States 
  4. Betty's  Silva Nolton 6th level Cyborg/Fighter From London,U.K.  
  5. Larry's 6th Level Hippie Druid Henry Sprocket From New Hampshire 
  6. Gloria's 7th level Mutant Wizard Re're Shaw From Mexico Mistress Of The Void 
  7. Mick's 6th/5th level Wizard/Thief -The Kathmandu Kid 
  8. Ronny's 6th level Fighter/Artificer From Glanauaethan - Gygach The Wanderer 
  9. A late addition - Jole running 5th level Fighter named Jason "The Warrior" Gazzani AutoFreak/Driver From Kansas.  

The PC's were brought together to retrieve a group of survivors who had run afoul of a group of Templars out in the South Western United States by the Glanauaethan. I pulled the survivors from the Desert Nomads Set One from Fish Wife games. The Nomads were carrying a valuable cargo for the Glanauaethan. 

The templars and their tricked out vehicles were closing in the Desert Nomads. Jason "The Warrior" Gazzani was driving a "Battle Truck" loaned to him by the Glanauaethan. Everything was going quite well for the party until the Templars opened up with a solid wall of machine gun fire and then the party discovered that they had a wizard working for them. 
That's when the shaggoth showed up and almost ate the entire party. The machine gun fire managed to keep it at bay as the PC's risked life and limb to save those survivors.  The PC's managed to drive the templars off for a bit and were able to retrieve some awesome loot from the templars car along with some ammo. The templars made good their get away while the party had to contend with a shaggoth the size of a bus. 
After an extensive fire fight the party was able to track down the templars to their headquarters and the raid went off with two PC's grievously injured. The party did manage to get the nomads despite the close calls. 
More next week! 

 If your curious about Waste Land Nomads check out the information below. 

A Motley Group Of Post Apocalyptic Travelers..
The highways and byways of the post apocalyptic wastes are full of different bands of ragtag travelers. Some of these nomads are merely groups of survivors trying to seek out a better life while others are gangs of thuggish brutes with no qualms about terrorizing others for kicks and personal gain. In between are even more groups that contain a combination of good and evil personalities.
 In the interest of providing a Game Master (GM) with a variety of interesting characters for their post apocalyptic settings, the Wasteland Nomads series of products provides a fleshed out, detailed group of nomads with each set. Some of these nomadic groups may find their selves forming an alliance with the player characters while others might become formidable enemies. The information provided in each set contains an overview of the group as whole, with basic shared goals and a brief history. Some groups will have an identified name while others will not. Named groups are especially common amongst roaming gangs of thugs. The group members are then presented with a descriptive block of text. Within this text you will find the character's name, identified role, personality notes, weapons, worn attire (and armor), and notable gear. Information regarding vehicles (if one is used/possessed) as well as pets (if the character has one). In the interest of making this product more game system generic, attribute and character statistics are not included. In addition, the characters provided are more or less "normal human" in nature. If the GM wishes to do so they may want to further apply mutations or cybernetic components to the characters provided. Furthermore, the GM should feel free to modify the characters' storylines, descriptions, and gear if the GM so chooses.
Set 1: An Unnamed Group Of Survivors
The first set of nomads in this series is an unnamed group of 15 different post apocalyptic survivors. Originally compromised of a handful of folks merely seeking out a peaceful, resource rich location to settle down in and call home, the group has grown to include a number of unsavory characters with greedy, lustful, and/or bloodthirsty intentions. Led by a man named Jonas, the nomadic pack wanders the major highways as they seek out resources and hopefully a permanent location to settle down into.
Pages: 8
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